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Time Traveling: 1994 Predictions from Ken McCarthy and Marc Andreesen

I revisited an old video of Ken McCarthy and Marc Andreesen from the first internet marketing conference in San Francisco in 1994. It’s mindblowing to time travel back to 1994 and see how much has come true, how much changed, and how much has remained somewhat the same.


Here are a couple of points highlighted in bold from Ken’s section plus some thoughts from 2009:

The internet’s revolutionary power as a distribution network will transform content. Definitely a true statement, and even more disruptive than imagine. It’s neat to hear Ken mention how the internet could be a powerful tool for enabling new forms of content such as being a tool for independent film producers. Given the limitations of the time, Ken stops at saying that it could enable distribution of trailers. Who would’ve thought for indy films.
The internet to transform customer service: discussion boards are the future! The internet continues to amaze the world in creating new ways for people to interact, including ways for businesses to interact with their customers. Hello, social networking. Hello, Twitter…