Synthesio CEO Shares Bootstrapping Yarn

Loic Moisand is a busy man, which is probably the reason why he preferred a Twitter interview with Business Insider this week. Synthesio, the company he launched four years ago, focuses on “social media monitoring.” Its goal is to provide clients the means to keep tab on theirreviewing work products in the social media sphere so they better gauge their brand.

For the interview, Moisand tweeted about why he bootstrapped his company even though their high-profile clients suggest a larger operation might be useful. Still, Synthesio today has less then 30 employees in three offices—Paris, London, and the one in New York will be ready this year.

Here’s some insightful tweeted wisdom:reviewing work

1.     Forget the VCs. Ask money from your relatives. This sounds nutty, but according to Moisand, a “student loan and a nice grandmother” secured the capital he needed to launch Synthesio four years ago.

2.     Do grunt work for a bunch of years. (Moisand claims he ate pasta everyday for two years.)

3.     Be tenacious. Or persistent. Have patience too.

4.     You might be small and bootstrapped, but always focus on growth. Synthesio is, which is why they’re working on Hebrew language tools and setting up shop in New York.

That’s it folks. No VCs and keep your company’s size under control. Indeed, bootstrapping is a viable route to building a great company. Loic Moisand should’ve added a strong stomach in the list.

Via: Business Insider