Swapping Is The New Bartering

Alma bookThanks to a sagging economy and limited incomes, an underground movement has come alive throughout the Big Apple. While those reading this might be braving hurricane Irene (stay strong, stay safe), it might be small consolation that some of the stuff around the house can be bartered for other stuff once the weather clears.

The appeal of swapping is real simple: you don’t spend. Though its impact on the consumer economy is best left not pondered upon, the swapping subculture is doing really well these days.

This week, New York Daily News profiled some of the best places for great swapping. The hot items in heavy demand at the moment are books, DVDs, and clothes. A few of the sites listed includes Bookmooch, Caveman Trading, Couponless, Gift Card Granny, and Listia. While some of these places deal with specific items (see Bookmooch), others allow for a broader range of transactions.

Of course, when it comes to such moneyless exchanges and the platforms that allow such, the money issue does figure. How do these sites earn? Some resort to ads, while others simply don’t bother. All in all, it’s an interesting trend that’s allowing the masses to conduct commerce on their own terms.

Via: NY Daily News