Sure, Tumblr Is Doing Great But…

Tumblr-logoMr. Raman Kia doesn’t like Tumblr and for good reason. In a recent blog post/open letter that has made the rounds, Kia basically pointed out how unprofessional Tumblr is. Unprofessional compared to his previous experience with the people at Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. It’s really just that, especially for a huge social blogging platform that wants to become a promotional outlet for major fashion brands and retailers.

Who’s Raman Kia? He’s more than just a disgruntled Tumblr enthusiast (he insists it’s lots of fun), he’s the digital marketing boss over at Starworks Group. A short while ago, his wife and fellow blogger Jessica Coghan openly vented her Tumblr frustrations over at her Digitalista blog.

In “Exposed: The Actual Problem of Tumblr” Kia builds on what his wife wrote and takes dead aim at the uberpopular blogging platform for being unable to build a rapport with an industry that it can profit from. Kia’s beef is particularly troublesome since he’s the marketing middleman “who controls the wallets of many of the fashion space’s biggest spenders.”

Even if Kia’s account can be deemed scathing, he’s still quite civil and clearly shares what exactly Tumblr does or did that wrinkled his relationship with them. It’s quite a read. For a taste, here’s how it ends:

PS. This blog was written using wordpress. I love Tumblr. I have a Tumblr page. It is really fun – but then again so is the Disney store.

Yow! Read the whole piece via the source link below.

Via: The Social Warrior