Steve Martocci Wants To Be A Serial Entrepreneur

Groupme FounderHe’s the GroupMe guy (a co-founder, to be specific). Since GroupMe is now owned by Skype via a hefty $50 million purchase, he should have his hands (read: bank accounts) full right now.

Considering the fertile tech environment, Martocci isn’t going to settle for just GroupMe. At some unspecified date in the future, he’s going to start over again and relive the startup challenge. Who knows, it might just take a hackathon to get his latest venture off the ground. That was how GroupMe started anyway.

This revelation came from Martocci himself during the Twilio Conference, where he was interviewed by Twilio’s very own Jeff Lawson.

In the meantime, since his latest endeavor hasn’t materialized, Martocci is busy making GroupMe a prized asset of Skype, itself owned by Microsoft through a huge and much-publicized purchase.

Via: Techcrunch