Startups Finally Moving To Respectable Office Spaces

Foursquare 03Since 2011 proved to be an incredible year of growth in the tech scene, it comes as no surprise that a huge migration is ongoing among once fledgling companies. In the span of a single week, reports have confirmed that both Foursquare and Zaarly have laid plans for moving. In fact, the latter has an enormous 28,000 square foot space to fill in the Marc Ecko owned building where it presently resides. That’s right, it’s still housed in the same place (40 West 23rd Street), but only roomier. It can’t be emphasized enough how big it is too; so big, that Zaarly is expected to grow its staff to 30 full timers. That’s a huge leap from the two people who started it all.

In other news, The Wall Street Journal are going full blast on that 568 Broadway office space reported earlier. back then, the details available indicated:

If you want to know where the hottest startups are, meaning those lucky few awash in so much funding, look no farther than 568 Broadway. That’s where Foursquare is moving after its extended stay at the East Village’s 6 Cooper shared space it shared with like-minded tenants.

The Foursquare relocation is a long overdue switch for the check ins trailblazers. As the most publicized startup in New York, it comes as no surprise that more than several dozen staffers keep Foursquare moving along to a healthy momentum. Too bad for the staffers that its becoming a crowded workplace they’re involved in, hence the new enclave.

Via: Betabeat