Startup Weekend NYC: Waggit Prevails

Startup Weekend NYSomething epic transpired at General Assembly over the weekend. Turns out 20 odd teams partook in another intense stretch of  Startup Weekend and the emerging winner is a canine-related endeavor called Waggit would do fine.

The Waggit team was led by Audrey Tan, an ex-IT consultant who decided to dip her toes in the startup seen. Obviously, the decision has produced startling results. Waggit came to be on August but it wasn’t until Startup Weekend that a full-fledged team came together, including Theo Skye, Jennifer Hill, Nils Weinhold, and James Turner. Describing themselves as ‘a cooky gang’ who want to change the timeless art of dog-walking, Waggit is a social space where dog-owners can create profiles and schedule for chaperones for their beloved four-legged companions.

Waggit is an extension of co-founder Tan’s professed love for animals. She says as much on her We Are NY Tech tie-in along with declarations of pride for her adopted hometown.

As the winning team, Waggit’s collaborators received $200 for spending on Amazon, entry into an international startup challenge, plus free swag. Don’t forget and Xbox.

Via: Xconomy