Startup Weekend NYC Features Gaming and Music Apps

Photo credit: James Lopez ‏(@imjamesjlopez)

Startup Weekend NYC had a first when it focused on music and gaming in its recently concluded event. Present were some 110 engineers, designers, developers, and other teams at the General Assembly campus, all wanting to be the best music or game-themed software.

Music has been a steady fixture in New York since everyone has “to make it there to make it anywhere.” but gaming has also been steadily growing in the city. The entries may only be in their early stages but the 54-hour event gave a glimpse of the software future.

The winners at the day’s end was Type That, a text-based game app where friends battle it out for the title of fastest typist. According to judge Arie Abecassis, the app won because, “just about everybody uses text, [The game] has this social and viral element to it that gives it an opportunity to spread pretty quickly.”

Type That won a package that includes a $1,000 hosting plan with cloud service Digital Ocean as well as classes at General Assembly to help the team improve their craft.

Jam Session snagged second place. It is an app that helps musicians connect with each other and find places to rehearse. The third prize went to The Startup Trail, a game that mimics the trials of putting up a company.

Chieh Huang, director with Zynga Mobile New York and coach for the event, was surprised by the amazing turnout. “I’m going to guess some of them were in enterprise technology and now they are branching out to consumer-facing startups,” he said.

Source: Xconomy