Square Intent On Growth Thru Apple Deal

Apple logoPerhaps one of the biggest coups by a young company from the scene (namely Square) is a new partnership with Apple. Square, those purveyors of smart phone credit card payments thanks to a small swipe gadget, are now available in physical and digital Apple stores. The even better news for Square is the Square card—their game chaning gadget—is available for just under ten bucks. This deal with Apple seems to be a strategic effort geared towards the iPhone worshipping crowd. If Square grabs them, they’ll be running a brisk business in no time.

As faithful readers must know, this isn’t the first time Sqaure has been mentioned here at NY tech log. Together with a handful of others, Square are among the ebst and the brightest, the ray of hope for all of Silicon Alley. Why? Here’s a chunk of text from what we wrote about Sqaure and its square CEO Jack Dorsey before:

“The word on the street is Square is a certified hit. Even if the user base was limited to just 50,000 people, millions of dollars worth of payments are already being made thru Square. Square’s rising profile must mean it’s ripe for a good dose of venture funding, an idea general manager Keith Rabois has endorsed…”

Via: Betabeat