SpotlessCity Brings Dry Cleaning Service Online

Good News New Yorkers! Dry Cleaning can be done online, well not literally of course.

SpotlessCity makes dry cleaning easy and finds dry cleaners in the area for you. The service asks for your zipcode and adress and automatically shows all the dry cleaners in your area.
You can enter a pick up and a drop off time based on the dry cleaners availabilty and you’re all set. No more lugging your own laundry around or wasting time to get the phone. SpotlessCity can be accesed online or through the newly launched iOS app.

After your transaction, a delivery person comes in, gets your bag of clothes and you never see him again until you get your clothes back.

Founder Hissan Bajwa has a bigger vision for his “Seamless laundry” idea. It provides an online platform for small laundry cleaners, who have close to no online exposure. They negotiate the payment but the usual rates are a 10% share of dry cleaner’s sales. It also matches people up with the appropriate dry cleaner for their clothes. After all, a banker needs a different laundromat than a college student.

The project has raised $200,000 seed round from friends and family and is now planning to expand.

Source: Techcrunch

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