Speculation About NY Tech University Gets Hotter

StanfordAs of this writing, the rumored runner ups are Stanford (no surprise), Cornell, and Israel’s Technion. No word yet on that South Korean uni that was also jostling for the coveted prize

The last time a news piece ran on the city’s bid for an honest-to-goodness tech college, it went:

“Stanford, arguably the mother of all technology incubators (see Hewlett Packard, Google, Silicon Valley, etc.), has “expressed interest” in opening an engineering campus on Roosevelt Island.”

Considering how far back that previous post dated (just last March), it’s no wonder Stanford is still on everyone’s lips.

Of course, with so many accelerators and summer programs around, there’s also the glaring question of ‘why bother?’ Besides, a lot of programmers are self-taught anyway and they don’t seem to have problems finding jobs these days. (Read: they don’t ‘seem’ to have.) Answering this is the NYCEDC–the tech university that will rise on public land is as much a jobs program as an educational one. It will also cement New York’s reputation as a tech hub.

Stanford looks like it has the rosiest prospects so far. But who really knows if the outcome of this grand struggle will reveal a huge disrupt?

Via: Betabeat