Something Is Brewing Between Tumblr And 4Chan

Christopher-Poole-150x150Some sort of undeclared war flared up last week involving well known haunts of various internet lurkers. Meme giant 4Chan and Tumblr both went down and fingers were a-pointin’ that parties form both sides exchanged DDOS attacks. This isn’t the first reported case of retaliatory strikes though, as the hacker haven and hipster hideout have sparred before.

The origin of this confrontation is difficult to find out, but the vitriol can’t be missed. The funny thing is both 4Chan and Tumblr haven’t done much to mitigate the issue. Not really a surprise, since the hack attacks have been dismissed as temporary hardware failures.

Here’s to hoping Chris “Moot” Pool himself clarifies the whole issue in the coming days.

Via: Betabeat