Some Of The Stuff That Makes Silicon Alley Better

A few months ago, Silicon Alley possessed a handful of advantages over its congenial rival in the West Coast. The paradigm has shifted a bit since and one astute writer pointed out exactly where the Alley wins hands down. Matt Straz is right on the money when he hails the intersection of media and marketing that has always been New York’s forte.

But he also thinks other factors make New York a better place to launch a startup. Other than an intense focus on branding, entrepreneurs in New York have easier access to investors. This is almost a no brainer, but last year’s figures prove this point. To further reinforce the fact, keep in mind that on any given day the news published here at NY Tech Blog is always about funding. Lots of investors, right?

Other encouraging attributes Straz pointed out are Mayor Bloomberg and the press. Okay, fine. So maybe not everyone is excited about anything Mayor Mike does, but the man is doing his bit to improve the ecosystem. (Uh, a tech university somewhere?) Straz is right on the money again when he mentions the press though. Other than the mainstream publications, there’s a self-contained universe within the tech scene where the engineers, the entrepreneurs, their investors, and journalists co-mingle with a fierce intensity.

Straz also praised the food by the way; it’s a beacon of hometown pride.

So the bottom line is, it’s pretty sweet to be working here.

Via: Mediapost