Social Commerce Startup Scoop St. Bought By BuyWithMe

BuyWithMeAs part of its massive expansion drive BuyWithMe purchased Scoop St. to grow its commerce-oriented service. Scoop St. is a buying portal where things are sold if groups of people are interested in the deal. It even had a social aspect called ‘Experiences.’ Apparently the Scoop St. model has grown irresistible for BuyWithMe, which is available in a dozen cities and is bent on curbing Groupon’s power.

The really cool part about this acquisition is that the Scoop St. faithful won’t be losing their privileges since BuyWithMe is merely integrating its latest asset.  Thus, precious Scoop St. vouchers aren’t affected.

According to the Scoop St. blog:

“Nearly three years following the start of Scoop St. and our journey into group buying, and together with an amazing team of New Yorkers who shared our vision, we’re excited to continue offering the best scoops and Experiences in New York City with BuyWithMe – one of the original and largest local commerce companies in the United States. Scoop St. members will begin receiving BuyWithMe offers for New York City and can also choose more local deals in 13 other US markets.”

Via: Techcrunch