Smart is the New Sexy with NYC’s Tech Talent Gap

Smart is the new sexy…and rich.

The city’s tech sector employed 120,000 employees as of 2010. That is a 30% increase from 2005 according to the New York City Economic Development Corporation (NYCEDC).

Juan Pablo Buritica already has a 6-figure paycheck job at OnSwipe, but he still receives 3 solicitations a week. Each salary offer is at least $130,000.

This is the general trend: everyone’s after software engineers and developers. Those without college degrees earn around $65,000 while the graduates earn $100,000 and up.

However, this is not happy news for everyone.

“I get so frustrated. I hear people say the job market is bad, I say, ‘Really? I have the opposite problem.’” says Gabriel Shaoolian, CEO of Blue Fountain Media, a web design and digital marketing company in Manhattan.

Small startups are feeling the pressure as big guns like Facebook and Google are scooping up all the talent. Samantha Lambert, director of human resources at Blue Fountain Media complains how individuals with killer skills continue to gravitate towards Google and Facebook, leaving midsize operations out of the options.

Mayor Bloomberg is eager to fill the talent gap. Last week, Columbia University received $15 million to expand its engineering school. $100 million was also given to Cornell University and Technion-Israel Institute of Technology for the same purpose. These projects aim to produce more than double the current engineering graduates in the city.

The project admittedly will take years to have visible effects. So for now, the chase is on!
Source: NY