Skillcrush Offers Tech Help to Guys Too

New startup  Skillcrush may look a little girly, but it offers help for men too. The site may be a bit pink and has topics like “beautify your blog”, but it also offers general help for the non-techie who wants to make the internet her (or his) second home.

Other tutorials teach to how to put up an online store, build your own website and earn money through online ads.

“What we’re looking to do is create an online technical learning community where people can come and do skill-based learning around everything from applied skills, like how to customize a blog and install it on a web server, and also [how] to learn HTML, CSS, Javascript, Ruby on Rails,” said Skillcrush cofounder Adda Birnir.

The feminine impression of the site may be brought about by the fact that the project is cofounded by 3 women and a man. They said that they want to make as open an environment as possible. Well, they may want to change the sites’ pink and white theme to do that.

The startup is in pre-launch mode with an active Tumblr where people post quotes, how-tos, etc. The site plans to expand and delve into deeper coding and plans to partner with Girl Develop It, an offline meetup for women who want to learn how to code.

Okay, so it does scream “girl” all over, for now. But all that useful information would be such a waste if the macho man in you would persist.

Source: Betabeat