Since Tumblr Is So Huge, Why Not Monetize?

tumblrThe most cost effective (perhaps cost-less) form of speculation is via a media outlet. Without naming names, ever since Tumblr mushroomed into a giant (besting WordPress in sheer volume), there’s been a chorus of pundits and visible tech people calling for monetization.

The chorus seems to be growing louder, as more and more corporate brands are jumping aboard the blogging platform. The trend’s contrails include celebrities and advertisers, all of whom are attracting significant audiences. Thus comes the big question: Should Tumblr use this surge to make money off their won brand?

Mr. Mike Shields seems to have the best unsolicited advice so far. In a recent article, he wrote:

“Tumblr has carved out a nifty middle ground between pure blogging tools like Blogspot and social news disseminators like Twitter. Anybody can post their own text, videos and photos and create a highly personalized public showcase — or simply follow others and share an occasional link. Tumblr is also designed with the intention of being super-easy to use with mobile devices.

Most believe that Tumblr executives are concentrating first and foremost on growth and will figure out how to make money on this huge impassioned user base sometime down the road, just as Twitter and Facebook have done.”

Via: Betabeat