Silicon Valley Stalwart Moves To The Big Apple

Car GuyNot some talented engineer or a jaded angel investor. What’s moved to the tech scene is Uber, a non-taxi taxi service. Strange, huh?

While the reason behind the surprise expansion is difficult to pinpoint, Uber are certainly bent on making a difference in the commuting lives of New Yorkers. What Uber does and does very well is partner with car services hungry for passengers. When the deal is sealed, the car service will transport customers wherever they please upon summons via an iPhone app. It’s like a personal chauffeur accessed through an iPhone. Dead simple and so far highly effective in its West Coast locale, where Uber brokers rides throughout the SF Bay Area.

According to the New York Times, which exploded the news earlier this month:

“Uber charges a base fee of $7 in San Francisco, or $8 in New York, and then a rate for the time or distance traveled, depending on the car’s speed. There is a $15 minimum for each ride, and the company includes tips in its calculation. An average trip in New York, with tip, should cost about 1.75 times as much as a taxi, Mr. Kalanick said, adding that he hoped people would find Uber’s convenience and ease of use to be worth it.”

Oh, and a little more good news: Uber is also available on Android.

Via: NY Times