Sexy Fashion Site “The Cools” Just Launched

All you fashionistas can move out of eBay, a sexier online fashion store has arrived!

The Cools combines the exciting bidding on eBay and the stylish template on Tumblr to produce a site that allows users to express themselves and sell their fashion pieces.

The Cools launched a few days ago with $2.5 million in funding. The site has big-named investors including MTV founder Bob Pittman, LVMH heir Antoine Arnault, Fiat heir Lapo Elkann, and COO Beth Ferreira.

When asked about his site, creator Olivier van Themsche said, “”I was surprised, because the most stylish people I knew were using eBay, which for was me not the sexiest platform out there. On top of that, eBay was not really convenient for fashion.”

When new users sign up, they are asked a series of questions to lead them to blogs and profiles of their interest.

“You will be interested and naturally attracted by different types of profiles, so if we do a good job, we should push you towards the type of profiles, whether they’re creators, whether they’re sellers, or whether they’re just users, that could be interesting for you. And then you make your choice,”

When you are already part of The Cools community, you can use it to either browse for cool stuff (like Tumblr) or use it as a platform to buy and sell clothes and accessories.

That’s where the company makes money. The site takes 12% commission on all sales. But don’t worry, signing up is free.

Source: Betabeat