SeedStart Graduates Its First Batch

Many have lamented the NY tech scene’s lack of a viable alternative to Silicon Valley’s accelerator program Y-Combinator, but not anymore. The brainchild of NYC Seed, SeedStart nurtures and prepares fledgling startups to hit the ground running once they enter the market.

SeedStart recently graduated its first batch of five startups, treating them to the precious insight of guest speakers like Albert Wenger, Eric Paley, and Justin Shaffer before allowing the startups themselves to explain their products. Below is a summary of the new graduates’ innovative ideas and how they intend to profit from them.

  • Lexeem intends to crack the online translating business by offering it free to users, who will rank the quality of the translated text so that translators can build a reputation. This in turn will build a pool of highly skilled professional translators who can do longer work for Lexeem’s clients, i.e. businesses who need volumes of text translated.
  • Datadog is geared towards a specific market, catering to the needs of both IT operations and developers so they can collaborate with ease.
  • Introspectr is yet another site dedicated to harmonizing the mass of info spread across your email and social networking commitments. In a nutshell, it’s a personal search engine that’s all about you.
  • Reducify wants to make an impact on your real life by measuring electricity consumption of your appliances and connecting users to merchants who sell better replacements.
  • Timely and practical, Risktail is a tool for investors wanting to “analyze stock options and model risk associated with them.”

via Business Insider
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