SeatGeek Gets Cool New Makeover

SeatgeekSimply put, SeatGeek looks better than it used to. The ticket search engine that allows user to score tickets to concerts and games got a makeover with extra features.

This isn’t the first time SeatGeek have been featured here at NY Tech Blog. When they were last noticed, the startup was hardly a year old:

Barely half a year since their huge infusion of VC cash, SeatGeek has done it again, this time with a celebrity. Ashton Kutcher and Guy Oseary of A Grade Investments have just plopped down a generous undisclosed amount. This in the wake of new partnerships with The Wall Street Journal, Yahoo! Sports, and sports news site Bleacher Report.

To further improve the user experience, SeatGeek now has listings for several hundred venues plus Deal Score, which helps track bargain ticket prices in ideal seating locations.

SeatGeek is also targeting sponsored ad placements for revenue. To entice advertisers, there’s a selection of targeted features that allows those willing to pay to have their ads ‘embedded’ into the UI.

Via: Techcrunch