Scoop St. Co-Founder Explains His Company’s Success

Beyond the prevalence of social media, Scoop David Ambrose admits that there are a few tricks up his company’s sleeve that keeps it competitive in the group buying scene.

In case you’ve never heard of Scoop St. before, the site is in the same league as Groupon when it comes to introducing users to juicy new deals. Both companies have enjoyed a prolonged surge of popularity throughout this year and during a recent sit down with Business Insider’s David Frommer, David Ambrose enumerated the things that make Scoop St. special.

The almost three-minute one-on-one brought to light a few key strategies that keeps Scoop St. at the top of the game, foremost of which is an intense focus on the businesses they partner with. Since Scoop St. offers deals to buyers, it makes sure the small businesses who sell thru them meet their standards by having a solid track record of great reviews. This means Scoop St. is willing to turn away businesses that they feel won’t meet their customers’ expectations.

Another crucial ingredient in the Scoop St. formula is to actively participate in building a more solid community in New York. This is why they offer the best businesses and tons of benefits (called “Friends With Benefits”) to users. Lastly, being a fast-growing company itself, Scoop St. still makes a serious effort to grow its email list thanks to Google Ads, which is gaining new momentum because of the group buying trend in social media that’s actually set to become a new frontier for advertising, at least this is what Ambrose believes.

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Via: Business Insider