Schoology Teams Up With Palo Alto Schools

Schoology Founders, left to right: Ryan Hwang, Jeremy Friedman and Tim Trinidad

Schoology, an NY-based startup which offers a SaaS solution for course management in K-12 and higher ed schools, recently partnered with the Palo Alto Unified School District to help manage its classroom work and schools communications. It’s another win for the growing influence of tech on education, as we’ve seen in previous coverage in NYTB.

But why did they opt to use a service that’s headquartered way over at the East Coast instead of a homegrown one right in the Valley? For starters, a lot of students and teachers in the district were already using Schoology because it was free to sign in and easy to use, being hooked into the social network everyone was already using: Facebook. Thus, they avoided the bureaucracy of having to request permission from IT to use the system which would likely have delayed adoption by months, if not years.

And it seems that the faculty is using the system often enough that the entire district will now be purchasing the enterprise level solution. While the free solution already offers a lot of perks such as course calendars, quiz and assignment creation, analytics and parent/guardian access, the enterprise version will give enable management of schools in a district level, priority support, advanced analytics and even creation of report cards.

“We want to be the operating system for education. You can add on as many modules as you need depending on how deeply you want to rely on our platform,” said Jeremy Friedman, founder and CEO of Schoology.

Via: Venturebeat