Say Hello To Nerd Collider

Nerd ColliderSure, naming a startup Nerd Collider is, well, kinda nerdy. Worse, visiting the homepage reveals an intense Harry Potter debate. Oh wait, no. It’s about some MIT grad who recorded his son’s infancy. What is going on?

Just another Q&A discussion, apparently. But Nerd Collider isn’t another Quora, as some folks in the press have claimed. Nerd Collider wans to be different and it should, since it’s a pivot from a previous brand named Kommons.

Before confusion sets in, a little further background is necessary. Like most peculiar/interesting startups these days, Nerd Collider is a collaboration between two young startup veterans. Cody Brown and Kate Ray wanted a space where discussions remain interesting and ordered.  How does he duo intedn to accomplish this. Cody brown explained to Betabeat:

“What we found was that helping a specific community talk to each other (like the Silicon Valley startup scene) is a manageable challenge with clear objectives—helping multiple communities talk to each other is substantially more difficult because it requires a lot of personal attention.

“So instead of fighting that we’ve created a design that’s flexible—one that allows us to create a unique environment for a particular discussion. We can customize who can participate in a discussion, the weight certain people have in that discussion, the length of time it’s open, the design of the prompt/invites, rewards for specific actions, and contextual data on the people participating.”

Simply put, Nerd Collider won’t go down the dark side of a discussion board thread gone awry and trollsome. (That should’ve been troublesome.)

Via: Betabeat