Rumor: Apple Store To Rise In Grand Central

Apple 5th Ave.Rumor has just broken out that Apple are planning on opening a store at Grand Central Station. Problem is everyone and anyone who can shed light on the matter is keeping mum.

Apple hardly needs to make its presence felt at the Big Apple–its glass encased ‘temple’ at Fifth Avenue is already well known and so is its sibling at the Upper West Side–but if a new store is coming, then there’s very little buzz surrounding it. Grand Central is also a tricky location for the ultra-modern design of an Apple store.

Then again, as reporter Laura Kusisto notes (click on the source link for the whole scoop), Apple has always guarded its store plans with the utmost secrecy. Sources from a Grand Central leasing agent’s office and Dallas-based Open Realty confirmed zip. Apple itself refused to entertain queries.

If a store does open at Grand Central, then it would be in keeping with Apple tradition. Landmarks and other exotic locales are susceptible to Apple stores.

As rumors go, this bit of unverified news will likely expire soon or keep on spreading. The latter already happened at a small scale, having multiplied across several other blogs and news sites.

Via: The New York Observer