Ron Conway Is Really Enthusiastic About NY Tech Scene

Ron ConwaySo enthusiastic, he championed the tech scene over here during the Twilio Conference at San Fran. His exact words were: “We think New York has built as good a tech ecosystem as the Bay Area.”

Glowing words indeed. The odd part is closer scrutiny on Conway’s past (it’s not like he has dark secrets) reveals he used to be not so excited about Big Apple tech. Today however, a fourth of the SV Angel’s portfolio is New York-based. That’s a huge number.

Despite the hometown pride, New York tech does NOT have a few East Coast comparable features. Though Google has been in town for a while, triggering an influx of engineers, no other gigantic-huge-iconic-gargantuan tech firms have grown locally. Of course, New York compensates by being the heart of (traditional) media and publishing, which should count as some sort of advantage.

Also, New York doesn’t have its Stanford, though Stanford itself has expressed its desire to branch out locally with the help of the city government. While the higher education isn’t available yet, the tech scene does compensate once more by having so many options for launching startups, be they summer courses or Tech Stars.

Conway also shared sage wisdom at Twilio, like how brief executive summaries would more than suffice instead of laborious business plans. Comes to show how hot tech is among VCs.

Via: Business Insider