Rob Kalin And The Etsy Saga

Etsy founderLike all great companies, Etsy‘s path continues to be an uneven one. Just five years ago, a very broke Rob Kalin and two friends launched the DIY online retailer from scratch. Five years since, Rob Kalin has fallen out with his co-founders and left the day-to-day running of Etsy to his former COO so he can focuses on giving small businesses a leg up.

Such is the winding narrative of what’s perhaps the best startup in the East Coast. (So much for Foursquare.) While most entrepreneurs today gripe about the shortage of programmers and infrastructure, Kalin’s odyssey from a guy who just likes to build stuff with his hands to a guy who still likes to build stuff with his hands (except he revolutionized the business of hand made goods), should be a lesson for everyone. Even without the requisite skills and lack of management training (which almost destroyed the company he founded), Kalin managed to create a viable space for a huge mercantile underclass.

All this and more is discussed at length by Inc magazine’s Max Chafkin. Open the link below for the epic story that’s a great window into a game changing retail revolution. It’s actually difficult to even call Etsy a ‘startup’ anymore considering how much VC cash is flowing through it’s veins. For the whole scoop, simply open the link below.

Via: Inc