Real-Time Turned Out To Be The Real-Deal For Betaworks

PandoDaily reported this weekend that Betaworks, a company focused on making useful products for consuming real-time web, returned the $20 million capital it raised to their investors plus dividends while still maintaining their stocks in the company, all of this happening in 10 months time.

Betaworks’ achievement may be mainly due to its sale of Groupon to the public market and its sale of their Twitter stocks. Notably, they also sold TweetDeck to Twitter and GroupMe to Skype.

In his letter to investors, Betaworks’ Founder and CEO John Borthwick  (photo) highlighted four trends he believes will define the future of doing business online:

  1. Proliferation of devices that are connected to networks is accelerating the rate of innovation.
  2. Connected devices are enabling real-time services and real-time networks.
  3. Networks of people, ideas and participation matter more than networks of devices.
  4. Great design has become increasingly vital as computing has gotten less expensive.

Betaworks has under its hood three companies namely Chartbeat, SocialFlow and which are all geared up on generating real revenues, with about to release its first consumer product this March.

Betaworks owes its record performance to its operational model touted by investors as being more hands-on and that it acts like a catalyst that speeds up the process wherein an idea becomes a company that in turn makes its way into the market.

Via PandoDaily