Rachel Sterne Unveils Road Map To World Domination

Rachel SterneEven if there’s a shortage of viable office real estate and a soon-to-be opened tech university is, well, soon-to-be opened at a far off date. (Stanford NY?) Rachel Sterne, the wonder woman pushing Mayor Bloomberg’s agenda to make the city a Technopolis, yesterday presented the results of a wide ranging city-wide review. She basically co-headlined with The Bloomberg himself and actively tweeted up the occasion days earlier. (Peruse her feed here.) During the mid-day event she pinpointed what’s already common knowledge among those entreps in the trenches and offered glimmers of hope besides.

Titled “Road Map For The Digital City,” the 65-page document is available for download. So far it’s created a notable buzz and been spread far and wide across the social media landscape.

Another news worth factoid circulated by Sterne is the city government’s partnerships with lots of well known social networking hubs. (Facebook, Tumblr, etc. etc.) It helps to keep in touch with the public.

Oh, and Art Chang is the new chair of NY’s Voter Assistance Advisory Committee.

Via: Techcrunch