Rachel Sterne Speaketh On Tech Road Map

Rachel-SterneA while ago but not too far of, Rachel Sterne became the city government’s face. Or should it be ambassadress? Don’t bother, she’s got a real title anyway: Chief Digital Officer. To kick off her new role, she and her team compiled a comprehensive report titled ‘Road Map for the Digital City.’ Here’s what was written about it earlier:

“Rachel Sterne, the wonder woman pushing Mayor Bloomberg’s agenda to make the city a Technopolis, yesterday presented the results of a wide ranging city-wide review. She basically co-headlined with The Bloomberg himself and actively tweeted up the occasion days earlier. (Peruse her feed here.) During the mid-day event she pinpointed what’s already common knowledge among those entreps in the trenches and offered glimmers of hope besides.”

To further boost her visibility, Rachel landed on Mashable for a rare interview about her role and the role of tech.

This rare articulation of her professional goals along with those of the city government covers four key areas, namely incubating small companies, getting more people to become involved, ‘greater access to digital,’  and to broaden the government’s presence in the tech scene through apps, etc.

Head over to the source link for the complete read. It’s illuminating stuff and highly recommended.

Via: Mashable