Rachel Sterne Offers A Glimpse Into The Future

Rachel SterneIt was through her speech at the recent Activate Summit. (‘Twas on Thursday last week.) In a nutshell, the bulk of Stern’s speech at the conference was dedicated to explaining how the Bloomberg administration is transforming the city into an environment conducive to developers and entrepreneurs alike. Sterne also went on to promote the city government’s ative presence on Twitter and several initiatives that encourage tech talent, like giving $40,000 to whoever builds cool apps via the BigApps challenge.

It’s comforting to know that Rachel Sterne is at least sharing with the tech community. In fact, it’s cool that a pretty young face who has done her time in the trenches is articulating a goal that’s in line (or at least a little in line) with what most tech entrepreneurs want to accomplish.

But the really interesting bit is how Ms. Sterne is perceived by those on the other side—the coders and hardscrabble ideas people launching startups. For someone who’s the public face of the city government, there’s not much written about the Chief Digital Office and how she’s deemed by her peers. Is there a permanent gulf between Silicon Alley and, well, anyone else outside it?

Via: Gigaom