Qwiki Does New York

It seems another startup from San Francisco has upped and moved. Not to sound like a nuanced and carefully worded pitch, but to describe Qwiki requires an emphasis on its unique take on curating user queries. See,  Qwiki is a mobile/web search results aggregator that creates a feed to organize the inevitable glut of info for a query on a  specific topic. Hardly a year old, since it was founded last January Qwiki has managed to attract generous funding and a sizable user base. Alas, both were unable to compel Qwiki to stay put in San Fran, so the fledgling firm has relocated.

Qwiki founder and CEO Doug Imbruce indulged the public’s curiosity with a reasonable blog post on the migration:

Today, we’re excited to announce the new location of Qwiki’s headquarters: 113 Spring Street in Soho, New York, NY – the heart of the creative community. The release of our new product will follow in Q1. Our San Francisco offices will stay open and house our rapidly expanding back-end team.

From New York – as Sinatra sings ☺ – we’re going to (literally) start spreading the news (world news is one of our first new content categories)…and do so much more. Our updated format and publishing tools will be released in early 2012, and early testing indicates they have the potential to be adopted not only by news publishers, but also within content verticals as diverse as the web itself.


Via: Techcrunch