Proust Comes Out Of Private Beta Cocoon

Proust logoCall it a digital repository for a lifetime. This is Proust, which was co-founded by an Italian American, Tom Cortese, and is part of the IAC media empire. What sets it apart form other social networking sites is novelty. The novelty of Proust—and yes, it’s named after that Frenchman—is creating an interactive album of your fondest memories. Not just during childhood, but in your life so far.

Proust launched in February last year but didn’t shake off its beta mantle until this week. The attraction of Proust is its curated experience, wherein it compels the user to log media onto their profile as if they were maintaining an online journal. A Proust profile inspires input by asking select questions that are in sync with life experiences. For example: “Describe a childhood experience that shaped your perspective.” After gathering enough personal mementos, the rest of the family can enjoy the fun thru sharing.

While Proust certainly doesn’t aspire to become a full blown social network of ridiculous mainstream popularity, it’s most attractive niche aspects is allowing users to cultivate a special bond with their cherished moments through the years. This, of course, makes it stand out. What remains to be seen is whether droves will be ready to build complex biogrpahical chronicles about themselves without compromising their intimacy–CEO Cortese does emphasize Proust is a curated service, so it’s safe. It should be, after all, Proust deals with whole lives.

Via: The Next Web