Programming Purveyors Codeacademy Get $2.5 Million In Series A

Code AcademyTo make things fun, try to name/guess at least two VCs or VC firms who poured money into them. Yes, just two. Those involved are pretty familiar names in the scene anyway.

The breaking news is Codeacademy are rolling in a generous Series A. As its name strongly suggests, anyone interested in learning how to code (using Java at least) can do so thru the site. The best part is the learning service is free and incentivized. No wonder that hardly several months since first released, more than a million users have tried it out.

The spike in scale has of course drawn in the investors. Codeacademy are the recipient of a hefty Series A worth $2.5 million. A good chunk of the spoils will be going to expanding the Codeacademy experience, since JavaScript literacy does not a good programmer make. Think Ruby or Python.

Considering present circumstances that compel employees to seek new skills, Codeacademy and its ilk should be startups to watch in the long-term. Who knows what kind of contribution they can make to the modern-day work force?

Okay, the venturers officially involved are the CrunchFund, SV Angel, O’Reilly Ventures, and Union Square. Getting at least one of them right means you have a clear grasp of who is circulating influence throughout the tech scene.

Via: NY Times