Postling CEO Shares Valuable Insight On NY Tech

As a small business owner, do you feel spread thin across different social media accounts? Perhaps it’s time you heard about Postling, a year-old startup that aggregates your social media commitments. With Postling, there’s no more time-wasting log ins and multiple tabs to keeps matters under control on Twitter, Facebook, your own blog, etc.

Having made the necessary introductions, here’s the man behind Postling, Dave Lifson. Like many in the New York tech scene today, Dave is a veteran whose past stints include Amazon, Etsy, and the incubator DreamIt Ventures. Today he keeps busy running and growing Postling. During a recent interview with Tech Cocktail, Dave offered a glimpse into the startup experience and what makes New York different from Silicon Valley.

Regarding the Valley, here’s what he had to say: “I’ve noticed…an extreme disconnect between the early adopters in the Valley and reality for the rest of the world. In the Valley, everyone seems to have a 3-second attention span: once something’s ‘old’ it’s no longer interesting or valuable.”

The brief Q&A basically summarizes everyone’s startup odyssey, from securing funds from angels to managing its growth, only it has been condensed to fit an easy-to-read elevator interview. (Not that it was done in an elevator, but there are short elevator pitches, right? So what do you call short straight to the point interviews?) Lifson also recounted his journey from 2008 recession to his expectations for Postling this year.

Those hungry for perspective should click on the source link and ingest the whole piece. While it’s not essential reading it does add grist to the mill.

Via Tech Cocktail