Pivot And Grit Scores Scroll A Lot Of Money

Nerd-ColliderLaunched by two compulsive self-taught programmers, Scroll is an app dedicated to “promote informed and engaged communities.”

That sounded a tad vague, so better just visit their home page for a first hand experience.

The back story of Scroll is worth recounting though. Its core members are Cody Brown and Kate Ray, who still work from their apartment and are the guilty pair behind Nerd Collider. After launching a handful of somewhat impressive ventures within the span of a year, they’ve now more or less settled on Scroll. It seems to have paid off since Scroll netted $220,000 from the Knight Foundation.

So where is the money going? To hire another person (just one) and improving the Scroll function. Scroll is basically a lay out tool powered by html and its media-centric focus goes back to its founders student days.

Prior to graduating from NYU, one half of the scroll team got the journalism bug after taking a class and has since been fascinated with new media. No surprise that he’s actually behind people-powered NYU Local and more than a few social network centric campaigns.

Via: Betabeat