Pinterest-like SparkRebel Launches Beta Site

New York-based fashion and shopping website SparkRebel launched its beta website recently. SparkRebel is a one-stop site for the chic and devilishly stylish where they can “spark” anything that inspires them like products, blogs, pictures and various other content from the web.

SparkRebel borrows heavily on the similarly themed social site Pinterest. With SparkRebel, users add sparks that interests them by adding sparks via a URL field or by uploading them straight from a computer. Users are also able to share them, or even “respark” them.

“Resparking” will save the sparks that would then appear on the user’s profile page stream. This will allow users to create their very own collection of just about everything they love.

“Many consumers want a social interactive experience that makes discovery fun,” said SparkRebel CEO Elad Baron. “Everyone has a unique flair, and SparkRebel harnesses these differences in a joyful way.”

SparkRebel users can “follow” a certain collection that interests them. This too would appear in their homepage stream. Also, users will now be able to follow brands so they’ll see all the sparks from the brand’s collections. The list of brands includes big fashion names like Aeropostale, Calvin Klein, Guess and Nike, to name a few.

Via NYConcergence