Partnership of Zagat and Foodspotting Leads to Good Eats

Food lovers and techie junkies will definitely have a bite out of the new iPhone app that Foodspotting and Zagat Survey has in store for your eating pleasure.

Zagat has already linked with Foodspotting before. Using the Foodspotting API, Zagat developed an app where Zagat users can have unprecedented access to countless Foodspotting photos and guides, which makes dining out much easier, and more delicious than ever.

Zagat’s website highlights more than 30,000 places to wine, dine, and sleep in, not just in New York but all over the world. On the other hand, Foodspotting guides you visually through the local dishes available everywhere via images. Combine both of them, and you’ll always have the time of your life tasting dishes that will definitely satisfy your palate.

And because Zagat and Foodspotting wants you to celebrate with them, Foodspotting is rewarding its users “Zagat badges” whenever they point and add food images and photos to the app. Eating in any of the Zagat-rated restaurants in New York, Boston, Chicago, San Francisco, and Los Angeles will definitely give you a big start in getting that Zagat badge.

Zagat is planning to add more privileges to Foodspotting users who can finish the badge-related missions, like an exclusive access to the Zagat website for all those promotional deals on restaurants and hotels worldwide. So eat out and have more rewards with Zagat and Foodspotting in your iPhone apps.

via TechCrunch