OnSwipe Will Bring Tons Of Blogs To The iPad

OnswipeThe simplicity and usefulness of OnSwipe is it allows bloggers to reach tablet readers. OnSwipe will be doing this at a greater scale than ever before thanks to it being embraced by WordPress. This means from now on, every single WordPress powered blog (there are 18.6 million of them) is available on a tablet and can be viewed via an app interface. OnSwipe even broke the exciting news on its own, explaining:

“All of WordPress.com including most of its VIP blogs will be Onswipe enabled for the best browsing experience possible on iPad.  It’s available for all .org users too!  It’s a preview of what’s to come with more designs and cool functionality in the works.

We’ve been working on something really big here over at Onswipe HQ for the past few months with the awesome team at Automattic.  As of today, all WordPress.com powered blogs will be using the tech we’ve built for the best browsing experience possible on iPad.  It’s also available to self hosted WordPress.org blogs too.  It’s an all new built from the ground up design and a preview of what’s to come from us!”

To get the whole scoop, read the entire detailed post here.

Via: Betabeat