Online Personal Assistant Finder Fancy Hands Raised $1M, Coming Out With Version 2 Soon

Fancy Hands is a New York startup that links everyone up to personal assistants around the city. The startup has raised $1 million for investors like SV Angels, Lerer Ventures, Beatworks and David Tisch.

Fancy Hands is fast rising because time is money and a little monthly fee is worth it to get the menial jobs out of our hands. Customers can choose from 3 different monthly plans: 5 requests for $25, 15 requests for $45 and unlimited requests for $95.

A Version 2.0 of Fancy Hands is also coming out soon. “Up until today, our site looked like it was created by some cracked-out programmer in the middle of the night, because that is exactly how I first built it,” said founder Ted Roden. “Today, about two years after our launch, we’re rolling out a new site, which thankfully had a real designer working on it.”

With Version 2.0, customers can now pay for items through Fancy Hands and have their assistants buy them, have assistants book dates on their calendars and use one credit card for multiple users.

Requests range from different tasks and cover different categories, from general requests to asking help for specifics like weddings, travel arrangements, research, restaurant reservations and help at home.

Here are  some typical requests:

Call a Allen Car in NYC and have them pick me up at home and take me to the airport tomorrow at 7am. We’ll need a car seat for an infant provided.

Set up a meeting with my accountant (CCed), if she’s paying let’s go to Balthazar, otherwise our office.

Source: The Verge

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