Official Debriefing For Startup Weekend NYC

SW NYCLast Sunday the latest Startup Weekend NYC concluded in a two hour frenzy of demos. Startup Weekend is a savage two day competition where teams of coders develop an app to snag top prizes. The prizes aren’t that cool—usually free stuff and some cash—but Startup Weekend often becomes the launch pad for new products and services. Startup Weekend alums also have the bad habit of launching their own companies short after , often in dire bootstrapped condition.

The hottest stretch of Startup Weekend is a sleepless Saturday night that’s often described a s”Red Bull-fueled” after the popular energy drink. In a matter of nocturnal hours, coders are expected to create the product and have it ready for a demo followed by an elevator pitch, which explains the almost two dozen presentations within a span of two hours on the following morn.

In a lengthy post release just hours after the whole event fizzled (by then, the three top ‘startups’ that bagged first, second, and third place were glowing with pride), other ideas got their share of positive comment. Included are a stop motion animation app for smartphone pictures and a so-called ‘social TV’ experience where viewers can log comments on a particular TV program. For the whole scoop, open the source link below.

Via: Technoverse Blog