NYU-Poly Wants To Play A Greater Role In Tech

NYU PolyApparently it has taken this long for the elite schools of New York to realize the vibrant tech scene’s potential. Ignoring the reckless VC spending on every half baked idea passing for a startup these days, New York’s schools do need to play a greater role in cultivating homegrown talent. At least this is what Mayor Bloomberg and the NYU-Poly president Jerry M. Hultin are excited about.

According to NYU’s official news feed:

“Other engineering schools in the city — Columbia, New York Institute of Technology, and schools in the CUNY system — have responded similarly in a collective push for investment, student expansion and entrepreneurship programs. Still, even though Columbia boasts one of the top engineering programs in the world, it will be difficult for these schools and NYU-Poly to match the production of the MITs and Stanfords of the tech world.”

If schools want to act immediately, the greatest boost they could give the tech scene is either an Hack NY apprenticeship spin off or create a large pool of engineers (somehow) who will be sucked in by needy companies. Also on the horizon is the opening of a Stanford branch. News already leaked that Stanford has a good chance but it’s going up against a lot of other foreign institutions that are just as formidable.

Via: NYUlocal