NYTM Women’s Demo Night Puts The Spotlight On Girl Power

Startup Meetups are always filled with eager men with bright ideas. But where are the women?

That’s maybe what Jessica Lawrence, managing director of New York Tech Meetup thought when she decided to launch the second Change the Ratio and NYTM Women’s Demo night on Tuesday.

Lawrence admitted that she had apprehensions. “In some ways,” she said, “having a whole separate stage just for women sometimes kind of defeats the purpose.”

But she started the event because of the scarcity of women stepping out with their ideas. When she called out in the form of a women-only event, 37 startups applied.  The goal is to eventually have no more need to host a Women’s Demo Night, because they’re already in the main arena.

The event was more “intimate” than other NYTMs. The presenters have a loosely timed five-minute presentation instead of the normal three. Powerpoints and screenshots were allowed if their pitches still need work.

Some of the demos featured are  Upswing.me, a startup to connect black women to stylists specializing in curly hair and Continuum Fashion, a fashion design lab that uses 3D and digital printing.

Facebook gift giving apps such as Gift Simple and Gift Hit were also at the event.

Fun Org an event-finding app, was also there and it launches Wednesday in New York and San Francisco.

But one of those that truly made an impact was Clear Health Costs by Jeanne Pinder. It plans to increase the transparency in the healthcare industry.

Source: Betabeat