NYC’s Foodspotting Funded, $750K Richer

Did you ever have a friend who insists on taking pictures of your food before you take a bite and eat away the presentation on the plate with your fork? Then he’s probably a member of Foodspotting, the startup that lets people take pictures of food and share it with anyone. Whether you like it or, our love of food is what binds us all as human beings, and Foodspotting just pushed the right button in making that love for food turn into a full-fledged online community. Just recently launched this year in January, the startup has already stored in its service over 100,000 food pictures.

Foodspotting is not just about food, but about travelling and discovering the culture of a place through its food. Because of this, Foodspotting has just purchased the domains and, but it is keeping mum for a while as to what focus those domains will be. Looks like Foodspotters will have to be surprised.

The new domains were just a couple of high points for Foodspotting. Recently, the service also became available as an iPhone app in the name of Foodspotting 2.0. Partnerships with Zagat and the Travel Channel are formed to further make for growth and exposure. And now, angel investors have pooled in their money and have given $750,000 of funding capital.

Companies who joined the team of investors were Felicis Ventures of Aydin Senkut, 500 Startups of Dave McClure, High Line Venture Partners by Shana Fisher, 2020 Ventures and Zelkova Ventures.

Individual angels like Dave Morin of Path, Steve Lee of Google Latitude, Derek Dukes of Dipity, and Dan Martell of Flowtown were also generous enough to give funding.

With Foodspotting on a high, it won’t be a surprise to see them everywhere very soon. Check out Foodspotting and find the good eats wherever you go.

via TechCrunch