NYCEDC Publicizes Its Success Stories

New York At NightOkay, so maybe local entrepreneurs aren’t giving the NYCEDC the kudos they deserve. Never mind, because the NYCEDC has the resources to champion itself. This is exactly what happened when it recently entertained a group of international journalists. To boost its reputation as a game changing institution at a time of economic doldrums, the NYCEDC hailed its Varick Street Incubator for churning out success stories that have a global bent.

The first is EcoLogic Solutions, which is currently holed up in the Brooklyn Navy Yard. Founded by one Anselm Doering, a veteran green entrepreneur dedicated to ecologically sound products, EcoLogic Solutions is driven by the goal of providing cleaning materials that don’t contain toxic substances.

It turns out a previously mentioned entrepreneur also figured in NYCEDCs effort. Remember Pixable? Back in May, a post about the startup founded by a transplanted Spaniard read:

Pixable is the idea of MIT alum Inaki Berenguer, who’s seen in the video taking his bicycle out to the streets for his daily commute. Pixable is a photo management app compatible with tablets; this a merely adequate description for a rather fresh spin on, well, managing photos.

Both start ups got the benefit of their own promotional vids to forward the NYCEDCs avowed mission to cast the city as fertile ground for great ideas and innovation.