NYC Startup Job Fair Kicks Off Friday Noon On April 8

GradsWith startups spreading like mushrooms and reaping much investor cash, it wouldn’t be difficult for strapping young graduates to find work. To better facilitate this transition, the NYC Startup Job Fair is waiting around the corner to suck in fresh recruits for the tech trenches.

The action will be in AOL HQ at 770 Broadway. The Startup Job Fair has a special emphasis on engineers (no surprise) and have gone as far as reserving the an hour and thirty minutes of the event to such applicants. The rest of the afternoon is a free for all, and there’s ample opportunities for all. To date, some 30 companies are participating in the job fair.

Here’s a good chunk of what it says on the homepage:

“The Second Annual NYC Startup Job Fair aims to connect qualified students and job-seekers with exciting and innovative New York-based startups.
This event was created for individuals to gain insight into the NYC startup scene and initiate awareness throughout campuses and communities in New York City of the growing opportunities within exciting local startups.
We invite both startups and seekers to submit an application for attendance; our team is committed to drawing the highest caliber of attendees and attracting the best local startups.”

Open the link below for extra juice and FAQs.

Via: NYC Startup Job Fair

  • AlexHorn

    Looking forward to seeing everyone at the event.

  • AlexHorn

    Looking forward to seeing everyone at the event.