NYC Government Launches STEPS Program To Boost Technology Jobs

Mike BloombergIt stands for Support Training and Employment Preparation Services. In what ranks as the most ambitious program to bridge the divide between local government and tech, a jobs training course is now being made available for the Queens Family Justice Center. Also, keep in mind that the city still maintains distressing unemployment percentages. The real interesting part is the technological focus of the plan.

Though its unclear in such opportunities for underprivileged individuals will eventually impact the tech scene, it does fall in place in the broader context of Mayor Bloomberg’s earnest goal to turn NYC into the world’s tech capital. Other than familiar news bits involving either Rachel Sterne, the upcoming yet unnamed tech university, and the frequent city-sponsored entrepreneur meet ups, STEPS marks a surprising turn in a whole new different direction.

What STEPS seeks to achieve is skills training through weekly courses where participants are not only given instruction but comprehensive online courses. The end result is, of course, jobs in the technology field.

Here’s the Mayor himself talking about STEPS:

“Helping New Yorkers acquire the tools and training they need to advance their careers is one of the most importance services our City can provide. NYC STEPS is a great example of how the private sector can work with City government to help New Yorkers develop workplace and computer skills in our growing tech industry, helping those seeking to prepare themselves for jobs and gain financial independence.”

Via: Empire State News