NYC Getting A Software Engineering High School This Fall

On top of gathering steam on the tech university space, New York will also be getting a software engineering school soon. The Academy for Software Engineering will be the city’s first public high school especially geared towards teaching software development. Getting kids started with programming early was what gave rise to many of the most successful startup founders, from Bill Gates to Tumblr’s David Karp, so you can count on this being a popular school of choice once it’s up and running.

It’s the brainchild of Mike Zamansky (pictured at left), a computer science teacher at Stuyvesant High School, who has been pushing for better software training for student for nearly a decade now. Some of the most prominent players in the NYC tech scene are throwing their support behind this endeavor such as venture capitalist Fred Wilson, Joel Spolsky of Trello and StackOverflow fame, and of course Mayor Michael Bloomberg himself. In fact, Bloomberg LP will be one of the companies hiring interns from the Academy.

The school is going to be open to all students interested in learning software engineering and academics won’t play a major role in admissions. That’s a good thing since many future software engineers don’t perform well in subjects they don’t like (history comes to mind). It’s also a way of addressing the severe lack of software engineers these days, something that’s been hurting both the Alley and the Valley.

Once it’s been proven, the Department of Education will use the Academy as a template for programs in other schools. The Academy for Software Engineering will be opening its doors this September in Union Square, replacing Washington Irving High School with a freshman class of around 100 students strong.

Via: BetaBeat, JoelOnSoftware