NYC Digital’s Best Places For Free Wifi

Recently posted on NYC Digital’s Tumblr is a set of maps made by Susana Siman showing the best spots where New Yorkers can get access to free Wifi. The maps are conveniently categorized according to Food, Outdoor, Coffee and Quiet.

The maps were made using data consolidated from Open Wifi NYC, known to many as the most reliable, up-to-date guide for free and open Wifi hotspots around the city.

For the Food category, Gregory’s Coffee on 12 East 46th Street NY offers the best connection, followed by Soy Luck Club, Café Bravo, AT65 Café and B Cup.

Pier 17 on 19 Fulton Street NY tops the Outdoor category with Bowling Green Park, Bryant Park, 60 Wall Street Atrium and British Memorial Garden completing the top 5.

The top Coffee spot goes to Kaffe 1668 on 275 Greenwich Street NY. The rest includes Ost Café, Blue Spoon Coffee, Choux Factory and Gregory’s Coffee.

The number one Quiet spot is the New York Public Library’s Science and Industry Business Library at 188 Madison Avenue NY.

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Rachel Sterne is Chief Digital Officer for the City of New York.

Via Betabeat