NY Tech Startups Setting Up Shop In SoHo

No place in the Big Apple is safe from trailblazing innovation, apparently SoHo, the age-hold hub for bohemian haunts, fashion, and culture already sports a co-working space called SoHo Haven along 447 Broadway. Founded by Chris Dicksen and Erik NyGren, SoHo Haven charge entrepreneur-friendly rates between $450 to $850 a month for work space. Since opening last week, enthusiastic tenants have flocked to its ready-for-action offices.

No less than 17 fresh startups have already begun doing business at the incubator, including Wanderfly, who specialize in finding the right travel spot for cash-strapped vacationeers and/or backpackers. While the atmosphere may be a little frantic and rather cramped, Wanderfly co-founder Christy Liu finds it conducive to productive labor. “It’s scrappy but you’re focused on making your idea work,” she says.

The mushrooming tech activity bodes well for the city-wide initiative to stimulate fresh business activity. Since passing its first year anniversary, the New York City Economic Development Corporation’s own bay, the Varick Street incubator along 160 Varick has blazed a trail that has brought very generous returns, with similar enterprises rising in new neighborhoods on a regular basis. The initiative has gone so well in fact, the EDC has five more incubator projects in store.

As a result of this increasing momentum, the Big Apple is becoming ever more attractive to tech innovation. With the upsurge in tech-centric startups drawing together the forces of design, software engineering, and media the ground is set for further growth.

Via: DNA info